I was a victim of savage violence and lies at Dr Andrew Fagelman's in Soho NYC Oct 1, 2012 and for over three years they continue to lie and blame me for their violence and lies. It is a horror story and I urge People to google Dr Andrew Fagelman or Dr Fagelman assault and see "Delite" continue to violate my patient rights and than when she could have apologized or closed the door the camera goes black when she has pursued me down the hall making a hole in my retina. The NYPD joined in downgrading a series of crimes she committed in to 3rd degree assault and lied and than the NYPD threatened me and lied in police reports -- a horror story and all this violence and this "evil" lead me to animal rights -- Cecil the Lion on Facebook lead to the David Sheldrick Foundation and on Facebook the elephant activism lead me to Gary Yourofsky and to veganism.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Vegan Carrot Soup 1st Attempt I am Used Flax Milk and a little O Cashew Milk

Vegan Carrot Soup My First Attempt
I am exhausted!!!!!

I was too tired to even try a recipe and probably did not have enough carrots but adding flax milk -- I don't know if that is recommended anywhere and a little cashew milk.....!!!!!!!!   Wow!!!!

Can you see how exhausted I am -- from PTS -- savage attack at Dr Andrew Fagelman's violence and lies starting with his attack receptionist "Delight" I gained a lot of weight and around my belly -- I don't sleep and I am over eating.

It is Sunday and I commuted hours round trip to visit my Mom -- she is a little confused -- only that she kept talking about getting on the train back to NYC with me -- Mom was born in the Bronx....other than that she was reading her New York Times and pretty good considering.

Despite being exhausted == over exhausted I wanted to try and cook some healthy foods because I have become so lost.....   I also watch the film MERU and I hurt so much but if that amazing guy could come back from horrific neck and skull injuries -- some how the film gave me hope.

I love PETA....
PETA is amazing PETA gave me a vegan counselor  and he sent me a PETA cook book and besides a pep talk from Keith from PETA, I contacted Dr Joel Fuhrman -- has a cameo in "Vegucated" -- may speak to a social worker at the office of the MD that took over his practice because I am so out of control over eating all from the horror violence lies trauma insomnia.


I watched Dr Joel Fuhrman make an eggplant dish --- so cools

....sprinkled cumin and paprika tried to draw a heart...

took left over carrots, small amount of "O" cashew milk, lot of Flax Milk, onions, garlic...

cooked on stove for aprox 7 minutes -- put in blender -- added more flax milk to cook it down

blended -- yum --- put back on the stove to cook a little more....

first ever homemade carrot soup delicious....

Thursday, March 17, 2016

PETA Vegan Mentor Inspires me Teaches me how to make Mind Blowing Brussel Sprouts

Vegan Kasha Varnishkes Improvised by Suzannah B. Troy PTSing Loving Jewish Highway NYC

My first attempt at VEGAN Kasha Varnishkes and because hello no onions in the house had to get very creative all around....

Since I had no onions to sauté I compensated with a lot of pepper as you can see!!!!!!!!!!

As a Vegan I learned Kasha has protein!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vegans do not use eggs or anything that comes from animals so to make Kasha Varniskes requires creativity.  I did find a vegan recipe below but I didn't use it because I wanted to add coriander and get creative....

NYC and FYI NYPD among others more anti-Semitic than you could imagine...
I asked corrupt coward verbal violent liar including Det John Vergona are you anti-Semitic?
He did not answer.  He was going to false arrest me on the Sabbath if I did not drop charges against my attacker for a running punch to my head.

Went to dermotoligist today so PTSing extra bad.  Please help attack youtube from 3 and a half years ago go viral.  Thank you

I am vegan now and I did not have any ONIONS and I love improvising so I added garlic instead of onions, coriander, love pepper, used vegan butter and olive oil.

I love my Jewish People and they are diverse and come in every color and from every background.


The Jewish Highway NYC love it....

Vegan Kasha Varnishkes Improvised by Suzannah B. Troy PTSing Loving Jewish Highway NYC