I was a victim of savage violence and lies at Dr Andrew Fagelman's in Soho NYC Oct 1, 2012 and for over three years they continue to lie and blame me for their violence and lies. It is a horror story and I urge People to google Dr Andrew Fagelman or Dr Fagelman assault and see "Delite" continue to violate my patient rights and than when she could have apologized or closed the door the camera goes black when she has pursued me down the hall making a hole in my retina. The NYPD joined in downgrading a series of crimes she committed in to 3rd degree assault and lied and than the NYPD threatened me and lied in police reports -- a horror story and all this violence and this "evil" lead me to animal rights -- Cecil the Lion on Facebook lead to the David Sheldrick Foundation and on Facebook the elephant activism lead me to Gary Yourofsky and to veganism.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Brooklyn Whiskers Vegan Bakers Mind Blowing Almond Croissants

Brooklyn Whiskers Vegan Bakers Mind Blowing Almond Croissants


I bought my first ever  big delicious VEGAN almond croissant at Haymaker's a vegan supermarket.


Note from Brooklyn Whiskers

We are working on opening a space by summer. You can catch us at most Vegan Shop Ups, the upcoming vspot markets and you can always place custom orders through our website or via email. Alternatively, you can get our muffins, scones and almond croissants at Haymakers and Champs Diner, muffins and cinnamon rolls at any of The Bean locations, and cupcakes at Healthy Nibbles on Flatbush Ave!

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